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Brand new to golf 

• Learn the 'basics,' such as: aim, grip, and how the  club should hit the ball

• Together we'll build a swing that works for you and your body that will be easy to repeat and make more consistent

• Learn how to use each type of club and try out different shots on the 'course.'

• Learn the do's and don'ts of how to act on a golf course, along with other basic etiquette (i.e. where to stand, what to say, etc.).

 Play Once in a While

• Learn to understand why you make mistakes and why you hit good shots.

• Build patterns in your ball flight and learn what it will take to increase distance and accuracy.

• Develop strategies that will translate to the course.

• Learn how to hit different shots under changing scenarios on the course, and see what it takes to shoot lower scores.

 Honing Your Game

• Dial in your distances using tour quality balls and accurate yardage data.

• Refine trajectory and learn to control your ball flight.

• Develop strong pre-shot and practice routines, and learn to maximize your practice time.

• Narrow your focus and attack your weaknesses.

kids lessons our pros have created a five-week program around our Trugolf simulators and our open layout that is designed to be fun, challenging, and more engaging than the traditional driving range.


Indoor Golf

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